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        Aiming to provide high multimedia performance and high system integration at reduced power consumption and cost of bill-of-materials of end products, AK39XXE series processors use ARM926EJ-S CPU core and integrate DDR2 SDRAM, camera I/F, Video Pre-Processor, Video encoder, ISP, Audio ADC/DAC, USB2.0 Host & Slave controller, MMC/SD controller, and rich peripheral interfaces into single system on chip (SoC).

        Based on AK39XXE series processors, ANYKA provides a complete product development kit (PDK) for customers to accelerate the product development. The PDK includes hardware development kit (HDK), software development kit (SDK), and tools for product producing and testing.






•ARM926EJ-S core
•Memory Management Unit (MMU)


Camera Interface
•Supports 8/10/12-bit Raw YUV CMOS image sensors
•Compatible with BT.601 protocol
•Programmable capture frame-rate


Image Signal Processor (ISP)
•3A (AE, AWB, AF)
•Gamma correction, color enhancement, and edge sharpening
•DPC, denoising, and false color suppression
•Lens correction, lens shape correction
•2D/ 3D Noise Reduction
•Wide dynamic range(WDR)


Video Pre-processor
•Supports cut window
•Supports image scaling
•Supports On-screen Display (OSD) and timestamp
•Supports Privacy Mask


Video Encoder
•H.264 encoder
•JPEG encoder
•Supports dual streams output


•Sigma-Delta ADC for voice/music recording
•Sigma-Delta DAC for mono audio playback
•SAR ADC for battery voltage measurement, keypad, and general analog-to-digital conversion


•On-chip DDR2 SDRAM


Hardware Encryption
•AES, DES and 3DES engine


Ethernet MAC
•MII/RMII Interface
•10/100Mbps, full-duplex mode


Peripheral Interfaces
•USB 2.0 Host & Slave


Operating Voltage
•Core 1.2V
•I/O 3.3V






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