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Aimer37 platform is based on AK37 and Linux, supporting multi-standard communications protocol, audio/ video capturing decoding and transmission, real-time audio/video decoding and playing, and etc.


Based on Aimer37, customers can develop wireless audio/video surveillance products such as baby monitor, wireless visual doorbell, wireless auto rear view machine, visual toys and WiFi camera.


Characters as follows:

●   Support Linux 2.6.32

●   Local video recording up to 720P, VGA MJPEG video transmission, motion detection, and remote resolution setting

●   PCM audio video recording and network transmission

●   Up to 32GB SD card storage and video recording during network video data transmission

●   Support USB/SDIO compatible WiFi modules, and 802.11 b/g/n protocol

●   Run as Soft AP compatible with outer device, as WiFi Station, extendable with third party AP,  and support WPS with

      one-key connection

●   Encryption ways of WEP(64/128 bit), WPA-PSK (TKIP), WPA2-PSK (AES)

●   IPV4/IPV6, PTP/ PMP access under Soft AP mode, and WiFi LAN access

●   A/V transport protocol to realize PTP VGA video transmission with AK37-inside camera and  AK37-inside LCD display,

    support video transmission with AK37-inside camera and IOS (iPhone/iPad) /Android terminals as receiver as well


●   Support MJPEG decoding, LCD display, real-time network transmission data display, IOS (iPhone/iPad)/ Android mobile

     device display, as well as PC web display


PDK based on Aimer37 system development platform is ready for customers, which includes HDK, SDK and tools, convenient to develop hardware design and products development.

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