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      Aiming to provide high multimedia performance and high system integration at reduced power consumption and cost of bill-of-materials of end products, AK39EV300 series processors use ARM926EJ-S CPU core and integrate DDR2 SDRAM, camera I/F, Video Pre-Processor, Video encoder, ISP, Audio ADC/DAC, USB2.0 Host & Slave controller, MMC/SD controller, and rich peripheral interfaces into single system on chip (SoC).

       Based on AK39EV300 series processors, ANYKA provides a complete Product Development Kit (PDK) for customers to accelerate the product development. The PDK includes Hardware Development Kit (HDK), Software Development Kit (SDK), and Tools for product producing and testing.





• ARM926EJ-S core
• Memory Management Unit (MMU)


Camera Interface
• Supports dual sensors
• Supports 8-bit/10-bit/12-bit Raw RGB/YUV CMOS image sensors
• Supports MIPI interface
• Compatible with BT.601 and MIPI CSI-2 V1.1


Image Signal Processor (ISP)
• 3A (AE, AWB, AF)
• Gamma correction, color enhancement
• DPC, denoising, and false color suppression
• Lens correction, lens shape correction
• Blue fringing removal, green balance, and white balance correction
• 2D/ 3D Noise Reduction
• Sharpening, false color suppression
• Brightness/contrast adjustment
• Chromaticity/saturation adjustment
• Image flipping and image mirroring
• Motion detection


Video Pre-processor
• Supports cut window
• Supports image scaling
• Supports On-screen Display (OSD) and timestamp
• Supports Privacy Mask


Video Encoder
• H.264/H.265 encoder
• JPEG encoder
• Supports multiple streams output


• One Sigma-Delta DAC with headphone driver
• One Sigma-Delta ADC with built-in Microphone pre-AMP and Line-in
• One SAR ADC for battery voltage monitoring, analog keypad and analog-to-digital input


• Stacked DDR2 SDRAM


Hardware Encryption
• AES, DES and 3DES


Ethernet MAC
• Compatible with IEEE 802.3
• Supports MII/RMII interface
• 10/100Mbps, full duplex mode


Peripheral Interfaces
• USB2.0 Host & Slave
• I2S


Operating Voltage
• Core: 1.1V
• IO: 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V


• QFN 80 pins/ ELQFP 128 pins


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