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        AnyCloud is a Linux development platform for mobile applications based on AK39E processor, including IoT Cameras, visible doorbells, Wi-Fi driving recorders, and aerial cameras.


•Supports 1M/1.3M pixels CMOS Image Sensor
•ISP: Image parameter adjustment (contrast, brightness and saturation), motion detection, privacy mask and OSD
•Video Decoder
    -H.264 decoder
    -MJPEG decoder
    -Dual streams output
•Video recording modes: cyclic, ordinary, and alarm mode
•Supports motion detection and voice detection
•Audio Codec: AAC, ADPCM, AMR, and G.711
•Supports two-way intercom with echo cancellation
•Cloud services support: Tencent QQ Internet of Things (IoT) platform and Danale Cloud platform
•Supports viewing video remotely via APPS (iOS, Android)
    -Supports TF card extension, up to 64GB
    -Supports standard ONVIF, compatible with mainstream NVR systems
    -Supports 10/100M full duplex Ethernet
    -Supports Wi-Fi network, supporting Smartlink/Airlink rapid network configuration.



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